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Full Grain Leather

What is Full Grain Leather?

It is the first layer of leather, right below the hair. Full Grain Leather is the most beautiful and durable, thanks to the specific setting of leather fibres within. The layers below become increasingly less strong.
This is the leather that will last longer and will become increasingly more beautiful with time. This is true, full grain leather will receive a beautiful patina with time, instead of tearing after being worn a few times.

Nubuk Leather is taken through an extra step and sanded lightly on top. This will give it its' beautiful, velvety and lush apearance. This a higher quality of leather than suede, which is actually the back side of the leather, brushed and buffed.

You can easily recongnize Full Grain Leather by the natural texture and always small defects on leather surface, remains of the actual natural defects of the animal skin. There are ways to remove these small defects, but the resistance and natural texture of the leather is affected.

The Leather Tanning Process

About Leather Tanning

Leather Tanning is how leather becomes the beautiful material we all love for our accessories. It all starts with the raw hides, which are first turned into what is known as a Wet Blue. This is important because the beautiful final leather should not keep any of the blue color in the end. 
The wet blues are treated with oils and coloring agents for as long as 10 hours. This ensures the beautiful finish and resistance, but it also expensive. Some tanneries offer only partly treated, cheap leather, colored only on top and still blue inside. This cheap leather tears easily and is not as beautiful. 
The Bocane accessories exclusively use high-quality leather, colored through the entire thickness.

Vegetable Tanned (also known as veg-tanned) leather is the natural, high-end and beautiful way to go about coloring leather. It means chemical-free, vegetable dyes for leather. 

This is also an eco-friendly tanning and coloring technique, but it is also very costly, because it takes months for the tanning process to be complete and requires highly specialized workers, but the leather is more resistant, beautiful and completely bio-degradable. Also important, vegetable tanned leather does not cause allergies, as apposed to chemical (chromium) tanned leather. 

The Leather Tanning Process

Why Italian Leather?

Italian Leather is a brand in itself, due to the long, strict and beautiful tradition Italian tanneries have about leather quality. Italy is the best place to go looking for high-end leather.

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